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About AI Hotel Marketing

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Welcome to AI Hotel Marketing

Who we are

At AI Hotel Marketing, we’re more than just a marketing agency – we’re your partners in creating unforgettable guest experiences. We understand the unique challenges you face, whether you’re the curator of a charming boutique retreat or the visionary behind a renowned hotel group. Our mission is to transform these challenges into remarkable opportunities for success.

Using the latest in artificial intelligence marketing tactics, we craft bespoke marketing solutions that not only enhance your brand's presence but also resonate with your guests on a personal level. Our approach is intelligent, sophisticated, and deeply personalized, ensuring that every digital marketing strategy we implement aligns perfectly with your unique needs and aspirations.

But beyond the technology and strategies, we believe in the power of human connection. We take the time to listen to your story, understand your vision, and work closely with you to turn your goals into reality. We’re here to support you every step of the way, celebrating your successes and helping you navigate any hurdles with confidence and ease.

Imagine a world where every guest interaction feels seamless and every operational challenge is met with innovative solutions. With AI Hotel Marketing, this vision becomes your reality. We’re dedicated to making your journey as rewarding as possible, infusing our expertise with your passion to achieve extraordinary results.

Join us in shaping the future of hospitality. Together, we’ll turn every challenge into a stepping stone towards greatness, creating a legacy of excellence, warmth, and prosperity. Welcome to AI Hotel Marketing – where luxury meets innovation.

What We Do

The new marketing experience

Crafting Unique Digital Journeys

At AI Hotel Marketing, we’re dedicated to enhancing your hotel's online presence in a way that feels authentic and impactful. Our services are tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring every strategy we use genuinely connects with your audience.








Marketing as you've known it has checked out.
AI-driven marketing tailored for your hotel has just checked in.

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Katrin Goetzke

Founder & CEO


Katrin Goetzke, the driving force behind AI Hotel Marketing, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in digital marketing and the hospitality industry. Her impressive career spans over 15 years, during which she has held key leadership roles at renowned resorts such as Crown & Champa Resorts Maldives, and Soneva Group. Katrin's strategic insights and innovative approach have consistently driven significant growth and enhanced brand recognition.

Katrin's expertise lies in strategic marketing, team management, and new business development. Her deep understanding of Southeast Asian hospitality trends, coupled with her passion for travel, technology, and wellness, uniquely positions her as a leader in the field.

At AI Hotel Marketing, Katrin's vision is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help hotels create unforgettable guest experiences and achieve outstanding growth. She believes in a human-centric approach, ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the personal touch that defines exceptional hospitality.

Katrin is committed to unlocking the potential of every hotel she works with, providing the tools and strategies needed to shine in the competitive digital landscape. Join her on this journey to elevate the hospitality industry, one innovative strategy at a time.



At AI Hotel Marketing, we take pride in our collaborations with some of the most esteemed names in the hospitality industry. Our partnerships drive digital growth and enhance guest experiences, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We are honored to work alongside these distinguished brands, leveraging our expertise to deliver exceptional results and innovative solutions.

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Hotel Groups



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Coliving Spaces

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Coworking Spaces

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Find out how you and your team can change
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